Thursday, February 25, 2010

Entering the Blogosphere

My name is Adam, I was raised in a very small town in northern Minnesota that I am sure most people who choose to read this blog have never heard of. I love sports, and was conditioned to do so from a very young age. This was clearly evident in the fact that when I was born in the winter of 1987 and later photographed in October sitting in front of the television watching the World Series, decked out in Twins paraphernalia.

I love sports, not in the way that I love my family or my girlfriend, or in the way that some people may love their pets, but rather in an “addictive” sort of way. I use the word “addictive” because that is what it is like, it would be like something that I would rather not have consuming my life, but the fact of the matter is, I can never get enough. Between countless hours invested in watching SportsCenter, reading online blogs, discussions with friends, and time spent watching sporting events, both in person and on television; I can’t ever seem to get enough. What the U.S. senate votes on, affects my life much more than anything sports related, however I choose to invest hours a day checking Twitter and to get updates on whether or not the Twins have signed Orlando Hudson or the Joe Mauer contract situation long before I will read an article on a new health care bill. For a 23 year old, who views himself to be somebody who is informed on a political level, this says something about my priorities.

I have played sports my entire life, and although I would consider myself quite knowledgeable in all sports, my specialty is baseball. I have played since I was 4 years old, I played 4 years in college, and I continue to play at an amateur level today. I know the ins and outs of playing the game (obviously not to the level of a professional), but let’s face it, what blogger does? I would say that a lot of my conversations about the Minnesota Twins are of a biased nature, but that I why I have chosen to begin posting them in a blog. I figure if I put these things in writing, I will be forced to look at them from an unbiased perspective. Although I am, and will always be a “homer” if you will, I would like to give my readers (if anybody chooses to follow), a fresh perspective on anything Twins, and Minnesota sports in general.

This will mainly serve as a sports blog, although I will pepper in the occasional post regarding anything I feel is worthy of writing about. I have no writing experience, outside of any classes I have taken or any writing I have done throughout high school or college, therefore this is a bit of an experiment and I will accept any constructive criticism along the way (within reason). I will probably steer clear of most political issues, because I find that people tend to get fairly fired up if they feel attacked in their values, and let’s face it, I am trying to gain readership, not drive it away because tend to lean to the conservative side. I do work for Target corporation, so there will be the occasional post regarding corporate life, more than likely it will include sports references, with my first one coming somewhere around March Madness.

I am excited to have this blog as an outlet for all emotions associated with sports, mainly Minnesota in nature. Instead of allowing crushing losses or unthinkable victories to alter my emotions like a roller coaster, I will now be able to stay even keeled by venting these things through a blog. I hope you enjoy this journey that I am about to begin, if you do, please tell your friends.

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