Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 Stages of Grief (Joe Nathan Edition)

The following is a diagram of the 5 stages of grief. In this case the red dot will represent where I am at in the process with regards to Joe Nathan's elbow injury and how it will affect the Minnesota Twins this season. Check back for updates...

FINAL UPDATE: As you can see, after 15 days of denial, anger, bargaining and depression, I have officially accepted the fact that Joe Nathan will undergo Tommy John surgery on Friday, and will not pitch this season. Now I know what you are thinking, "15 days is a short period of time, and we just lost arguably the best closer in baseball for this season! How could you go through this process so fast?" My response to that would be that the Twins provided me with 184,000,000 reasons to have gotten to the acceptance stage by now. I realize the loss of Nathan is huge, but I am optimistic that either someone will emerge in-house as somebody who can fill the role, or that the Twins will go out and get somebody. The bottom line is, I am so darn excited for baseball that reaching this point of acceptance this early was inevitable, Joe Mauer has officially signed essentially a lifetime contract, and 12 days from now at 9:05 CST, I will be sitting on my couch watching the Twins take on the Angels on opening day!


  1. I am glad to hear you have completed the cycle. So you are totally against Liriano taking the spot, but do you really have high hopes for any other players taking the spot? How likely would it be that we sign Smoltz? (I have no idea who that is). And you mention a few players for a short term solution, but I want long-term ideas!!

  2. Thanks for the comment "anonymous." You can expect to see a post regarding the Twins' closer situation in the near future. It should answer your questions regarding long-term solutions.

  3. How about Neshek?